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Leading architects in Donegal and Sligo

What We Offer:

McCabe Architects, based in Donegal Town, provide a variety of services including architecture planning, interior design, building survey reports, energy consultation and more. Our team of experienced and qualified architects and designers will plan and manage your entire project from start to finish. Accredited in Conservation, we handle both large and small projects including domestic, commercial and industrial builds.

Areas We Cover:

The main counties we cover in the Northwest of Ireland include Donegal, Sligo, Derry and Leitrim. However, we also work with clients throughout Ireland and the UK including Dublin, Galway, Cork, Belfast and London.

Feel free to browse our range of services and contact us on +353 (0)74 97 43012 if you require any further information.

Our Approach

Step 1: Meet the Client

We arrange a meeting with all clients prior to the stage of planning in order to get to know you and hear your ideas for the project. During this informal meeting, we will create a brief based on your needs, wants and determine your budget.

Step 2: Site Visit

Our design process is deeply influenced by the site's context and a site visit is essential before commencing the design stage. This is crucial as each project is tailored to consider its setting, as well as your brief and the building regulations.
If you haven't yet found an appropriate site to begin your new build, we can help! Based on our experience, we can recommend suitable sites in the Northwest based on your requirements.


Step 3: Design & Planning

Once the brief has been created and the site has been chosen and visited, we can then begin formulating your design. We will meet with the planning authority to ensure that we have the 'go-ahead' for your proposed build. 

We have vast knowledge of relevant Planning Regulations in Ireland and can therefore assist with designing a hassle free construction.

Step 4: Building Begins

When detailed drawings have been completed to your specifications, we can then agree a price and ensure that the build you get, is the build you had in mind.

Step 5: Review & Inspect

Once the building begins, we will continuously review and inspect the site to ensure that all work is being carried out as planned. Following a site visit, we will send you a detailed report so that you are kept up to date with the ongoings of your project. These inspections will ensure that your build is being constructed according to the building standards required by law.

Step 6: Project Completion

Once the above five steps have been completed, we will provide all necessary certificates of compliance and an owners manual which helps you to understand how to run your new build efficiently.

For more information, contact us today on +353 (0)74 97 43012 for your free no obligation consultation.

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