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Professional Body

What is the RIAI?

The Royal Institute of Architects of Ireland (RIAI) is the regulatory and support body for architects in Ireland. Support services are also provided for Architectural Technologists.

The RIAI engages with government, the professions, industry, clients and the public to promote the value of quality and design in architecture; to deliver attractive and sustainable built environments; to enrich our distinctive culture and heritage; to contribute to the competitiveness of our economy; and to improve quality of life for the people of Ireland, today and for generations to come.

The RIAI is designated as the competent authority for architecture in Ireland under EU Directive 2005/36/EC. As the official registration body under the Building Control Act 2007, the RIAI is committed to discharge its obligations for administration of the Register of Architects in Ireland. Although the RIAI carries out a statutory function as the registration body and competent authority for architects in Ireland, this is carried out on an entirely self-funding basis. The RIAI does not receive any government funding or state aid for this statutory function.

The RIAI seeks to provide architects with the professional training, education and research support required to consolidate the role of the RIAI—and the architecture profession generally—as champions of exemplary practice in architecture and urbanism; and to provide high-quality professional services, public education, outreach programmes, and consumer protection to clients, end users and the public.

What Does the RIAI Do?


RIAI activities are co-ordinated by a 24-member Council, the Institute’s governing body, elected by the membership. The director, the RIAI’s chief executive officer, has a permanent staff which services the Institute's council and committees and also administers the requirement of the sections of the Building Control Act dealing with the registration of architects.


The RIAI promotes the activities and achievements of the Irish architectural profession—both in Ireland and abroad—through a wide variety of initiatives. Communicating to a wider public the value that quality architecture brings to all our lives is a central objective of the RIAI.


The RIAI represents the views of architects and architectural technicians on architectural and built environment issues to the media, through liaison with government, government departments, local authorities, state agencies and other architectural/urban bodies, and EU and international organisations.

Regulating Standards for Architects

RIAI Education Policy is informed by EU and international standards , the RIAI Matrix of Knowledge, Skills and Competences, and the standards prescribed by the Building Control Act 2007, to ensure that the built environment is designed and directed by properly-trained architects.

RIAI Details

The RIAI is a company limited by guarantee without share capital, registered in Ireland.
Company registration number: 003498
Company registered address: 8 Merrion Square, Dublin 2.  
Company status: charitable
Tax Exemption Number:  CHY 5436.

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