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Interior Design

What We Do

There is no boundary between architecture and interior design. They are as integral to a beautifully executed project as is landscape architecture and engineering. The interiors work of McCabe Architects seamlessly integrates interior design/architecture, materials/textures, furniture/furnishings and often involves the talents of artisans, craftsmen and design consultants.

How We Do It

Our interiors often employ an element of contrast and we draw upon current contemporary design, incorporate classic mid-century pieces and explore the rich and textural qualities of naturally found materials and fabrics. Stone has a geological history with specific qualities, wood has a natural spirit and fabrics may have a hand woven history all of their own.

We have dedicated interior design staff who can advise client's throughout Ireland including Donegal, Sligo, Dublin and Cork on fitting out a project and interior design which gets the most from their brief and budget. We also monitor the entire design and construction process to ensure to achieve maximum potential.

For more details, feel free to contact us on 353 (0) 74 97 43012.

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